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If you are landing on this page, it is because the alexbrands.com web site is no longer online.

In April 2020, the manufacturers of the Ideal Magic line of magic sets, ALEX Brands, abruptly closed their doors, permanently. It was a sad day for all of us who had worked to design and develop the many Ideal Magic sets the company released… you probably have one in your hands right now. If you came to this site looking for the tutorial videos that were promised in the instructions, we’re unfortunately unable to offer those at this time.

Due to the Coronavirus, many former employees at ALEX Brands had left the offices prior to the company’s closing, and so it may take some time to get these videos back online.

We’ll work to get the videos up here on this site as quickly as possible. Please submit your info to the mailing list below, and we’ll update you as soon as the videos are back online.

Thank you for your support,
Ryan Oakes

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ALEX Brands Ideal Magic video tutorials

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