While it’s Ryan’s preference to speak with all prospective clients about their specific entertainment needs, the descriptions below outline Ryan’s basic offerings. All aspects of his performances can be customized to suit your event theme, brand message, or product benefits. Once Ryan understands the event, the intended audience, and the reasons for hiring a performer, the proper entertainment solution can be recommended…

“Illusions of the Mind” stage show for an audience of over 1000 people (Riviera Maya, Mexico).

Mentalism Show

Ryan’s stage show is a unique blend of mentalism, mind-reading, and sleight-of-hand that’s designed to engage your guests and leave them scratching their heads long after the show has ended. Minds are read, thoughts are projected, and impossible coincidences are made possible. Every moment of the show is carefully constructed to maximize audience interaction. Randomly thought-of words are instantly revealed, a phone number is predicted from a book of millions, and unique memories are literally plucked from spectators’ own minds. With Ryan’s dynamic stage presence and contagious sense of fun, this interactive experience is sure to captivate even the most skeptical of audiences. Perfect for after-dinner entertainment at client affairs, company outings, sales meetings, or theaters.

Hardly a coincidence…

Close-up Performances

Whether it’s a large cocktail reception, an intimate dinner party, or even a banquet setting, Ryan can perform magic and mentalism up close, oftentimes right in the hands and minds of your guests. These interactive moments help to create a truly memorable event experience for your guests.

Close-up performance with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Meeting Host/Emcee

Need to kick-off the General Session with something to excite and unify your attendees? Let Ryan host your meeting with a dash of a magic and humor. Interstitial performances between speakers can help keep a long day of meetings hum along. Effects can be customized for your meeting theme or company, and we can even magically produce the next presenter or your CEO!

Hosting a General Session (Washington, DC).


Maybe you don’t need magic, but you need something magical… Magic and illusion can be cleverly incorporated into marketing promotions, product reveals, or other forms of entertainment to create interest in a product or instill an audience with wonder. Ryan’s magic and entertainment consulting experience includes work for toys, tv/film, art installations, theatrical productions, books, and interactive media. He’s consulted on projects for clients including Sony, Scholastic Books, Hermès of Paris, Disney, and even Las Vegas luminaries Siegfried & Roy. Ryan is the official spokesman and magic consultant for the Ideal Magic line of magic sets sold internationally by Alex Global Products.

Behind-the-scenes shooting instructional videos for Ideal Magic.

Live Marketing

Armed with an Ivy League diploma and his bag of tricks, Ryan is ready for whatever marketing challenge your company might present. As the son of a former marketing executive, it’s in the genes! Ryan is able to translate the goals and objectives of your message to the target audience using his universal language: the art of magic. Whether your problem is getting the attention of your prospective buyers or trying to communicate with them once they’re at the booth, Ryan is capable of engaging them in a unique, entertaining, yet intellectual way. As Marshall McLuhan put it, “the medium is the message.” Ryan is also able to perform magic with your executive team, whether that means teaching them a simple illusion to start a presentation, or producing your CEO from thin air!

Entertaining prospects on the trade show floor (New Orleans, LA).

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