Toy Fair 2010 Recap

I had a wonderful week with Cadaco at the Toy Fair here in New York. Four fun-filled days at the Javits Center talking about magic, doing demos of the new magic sets, and meeting our customers. Heard some great stories from parents and store owners about their positive experiences with our magic sets, which is wonderful to hear! Ran into some old friends and made some new ones as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to see the booths outside of our area, but I did see some fun things at the show. My favorite new product was Gelli Baff, which is a new bath-time “toy” for kids. Basically, it turns your bathtub into a pool of colored goo! Kids would love this stuff. Here’s their site: Don’t know if/when it’s available here in the US.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to say hello and watch a few tricks. For those of you interested in purchasing sets from my line with Cadaco, here’s the link to my mini-site on

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